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5 Questions to Break Your Belief Boundaries

Rosa Parks believed she deserved to sit in the front of the bus and started a revolution. Fred Smith believed business would pay a premium for overnight delivery and revolutionized his industry. Susan B. Anthony believed in the right to

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Success is Sometimes Boring

Success – few words stir up in people the variety of emotions and definitions.  For some it’s elusive and not easily attained.  For others it’s clear and linear.  And for others still, it’s not even important.  Whatever meaning you attach,

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Consider Your Approach to Leadership Development

One of my clients, a 160 year old company with 43K employees, will hire 6K people this year.  In 2 years, 50% of their workforce will possess less than 5 years experience.  That means lots of retirement parties and orientation

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Productivity Simplified In 3 Parts

When you break productivity down, it only has three parts to it.  If you find yourself not being productive when you want to be, it’s due to a problem in at least one of these three areas.    Purpose 45-ways-to-be-more-productive articles are the how. 

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It’s Not Working!

Recently one morning I pulled a QTip from the dispenser.  Inserting into my ear as I do virtually every morning… this time it felt different, not as soft, kind of a poking feeling.  It was morning and it was a

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Wrong Data – Right Results!

Last evening I told myself I would go for a walk in the morning.  I downloaded an app to track my results.  I didn’t have a goal in distance or time; I just wanted to start my day with a

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We Can Only Live Today

I have to look at, act on and commit to what today requires of me versus seeing into the future and reveling in the man I hope to become, basking in the attention and praise I’ll surely receive.  I can’t

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