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Do You Hire For IQ or EQ?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is becoming an increasingly important quality in the workplace and 71 per cent of hiring managers in the United States value EI in an employee more than IQ, found a recent survey of 2,662 hiring managers by

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9 Steps To Take Tough Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. The degree to which people are open to accepting feedback often correlates to their willingness to excel. If they’re satisfied with the status quo or unwilling to change, feedback won’t have much impact on

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Technology May Displace 47% of US Workers

The accelerated rate of technological advancements is transforming the composition of most businesses’ workforces. Most workplaces of the future will be staffed by some combination of smart robots, Artificial Intelligence smart machines and humans. In many cases, the number of

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Success is Sometimes Boring

Success – few words stir up in people the variety of emotions and definitions.  For some it’s elusive and not easily attained.  For others it’s clear and linear.  And for others still, it’s not even important.  Whatever meaning you attach,

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Boomers: ‘We want to work in retirement’

Click here to read article that states 72% of people over 50 said yes  

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Consider Your Approach to Leadership Development

One of my clients, a 160 year old company with 43K employees, will hire 6K people this year.  In 2 years, 50% of their workforce will possess less than 5 years experience.  That means lots of retirement parties and orientation

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