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Leadership Guide to Striking Balance

Meet Harry & Harriet, two very busy Leaders in an organization similar to yours. As they interact with stakeholders in different time zones, their day begins at the crack of dawn when they check their work email.  After eating a

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4 Essential Conflict Management Strategies for Leaders

Managing conflict of any kind can be a frustrating task for most of us. For leaders, resolving some sort of conflict is usually the norm rather than the exception. From competing resources and deadlines, to new project teams, mergers, and

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The Foundation Of Emotional Intelligence

“Mindfulness is the foundation of emotional intelligence,” meditation teacher Mark Coleman said at a Google Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute training event in New York on Tuesday.  We can look at mindfulness as a radical shift in the way we pay attention,

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Do You Hire For IQ or EQ?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is becoming an increasingly important quality in the workplace and 71 per cent of hiring managers in the United States value EI in an employee more than IQ, found a recent survey of 2,662 hiring managers by

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9 Steps To Take Tough Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. The degree to which people are open to accepting feedback often correlates to their willingness to excel. If they’re satisfied with the status quo or unwilling to change, feedback won’t have much impact on

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5 Questions to Break Your Belief Boundaries

Rosa Parks believed she deserved to sit in the front of the bus and started a revolution. Fred Smith believed business would pay a premium for overnight delivery and revolutionized his industry. Susan B. Anthony believed in the right to

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Technology May Displace 47% of US Workers

The accelerated rate of technological advancements is transforming the composition of most businesses’ workforces. Most workplaces of the future will be staffed by some combination of smart robots, Artificial Intelligence smart machines and humans. In many cases, the number of

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