5 Questions to Break Your Belief Boundaries

Rosa Parks believed she deserved to sit in the front of the bus and started a revolution.

Fred Smith believed business would pay a premium for overnight delivery and revolutionized his industry.

Susan B. Anthony believed in the right to vote for women and revolted against inequality.

Each of these revolutionaries and thousands more like them possessed beliefs that broke the boundaries of contemporary thinking. Everyday we are faced with choices that are formed by our beliefs: what to wear, who to marry, where to invest, which cause to support and what to “like” on Facebook. Often our beliefs follow conventional norms and we make accommodating choices. Then, without exception, we brush up against a new reality that impacts a relationship, a business outcome, a societal condition or our personal wellbeing and we are forced to examine our beliefs.Mountain Goat

Let this message today cause you to pause and consider these vital questions.

  • What beliefs do I possess that challenge the way I’ve always done it?
  • How many of my ideas shake up my status quo?
  • How willing am I to break free from beliefs that hold me back?
  • What emotions cloud my thinking?
  • How passionate am I about experiencing new levels of joy & satisfaction at work, at home and in my community?

If you’re not satisfied with the areas of your life you most value, revolt against the beliefs that simply aren’t working anymore.  Take your life off auto-pilot and fly by the instruments that give you unfiltered, objective feedback regarding where you are and what you’ve accomplished.  Use that information to rethink your beliefs, redirect your course, reignite your passion, and refuel your commitment to live out your greatest dreams.

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