Success is Sometimes Boring

Success – few words stir up in people the variety of emotions and definitions.  For some it’s elusive and not easily attained.  For others it’s clear and linear.  And for others still, it’s not even important.  Whatever meaning you attach, success is sometimes boring.boring

Would you agree there is no overnight success?  If so, that’s because we both realize the work, effort and commitment required to accomplish anything meaningful.  If you’re a Sales Professional with revenue goals, an HR leader with hiring or retention goals, or an Executive with profitability goals, your success is due in great measure to defining your goals.  Yet sometimes people get caught up in defining long-term goals and lose sight of what’s necessary to do each day.  Our success comes from adopting steps and processes, that when repeated every day, will deliver the results we want.

Consider these two questions.  On a scale of 1-10, how successful are you and how satisfied are you with your level of production?   If you’re like most people, neither question scored a 10.  So what keeps you from answering with a 10 and what would a 10 look like in your performance – your production?  As you reflect, consider what it takes to make each day a 10.  I’m confident you’ll find it requires you to perform tedious, even boring tasks without immediate reward or recognition.  That’s what successful people do!

Question:  What boring tasks do you regularly perform that has contributed to your success?

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