It’s Not Working!

Recently one morning I pulled a QTip from the dispenser.  Inserting into my ear as I do virtually every morning… this time it felt different, not as soft, kind of a poking feeling.  It was morning and it was a routine so I kept at it to the point where the poking feeling became a sharp pain.  Pulling it out from my ear I saw that the end had no QTip.  It was now obvious why poking had turned to pain and my routine got shaken up… it wasn’t working!

qtipAnd so it goes with much in our lives. We do what we think is RIGHT using tools, approaches and methodologies that we know have worked, yet sometimes fail to acknowledge It’s Not Working anymore.  I knew that cleaning my ears was the RIGHT thing to do and I trusted that all the QTips in my dispenser would work.  What brought me to a new awareness?   A little discomfort and pain as is common for most of us.

I know it’s “right” to communicate with and get to know my employees.  I know it’s “right” to make daily prospecting calls to fill my pipeline.  I know its “right” to meet project deadlines and fulfill customer requests.  I know it’s “right” to tell my significant other I love and appreciate them.  I know it’s “right” to fill my dog’s water and food bowl daily.  We all know and can often agree on the “right” thing to do.  I challenge you to ask, “is it working”?  What kind of relationships do you have with the people you lead, serve, love?  How much do they want to be in relationship with you?  Is it a result of doing simply what’s “right” or from doing what works in each relationship?

If your employees are complaining and negative, if you can’t get through to prospects, if project deadlines are met but customers are unsatisfied, if your significant other doesn’t love and appreciate you, if your dog won’t come when you call, chances are pretty good that what you’re doing isn’t working.  Don’t wait to be poked, prodded and subjected to pain to assess what’s not working in your life, in your business and in your relationships.

I finished cleaning my ear with a NEW QTip.  Set aside time today and consider a NEW approach to communicate and connect with your team, your customer’s and your loved ones.  If you have a dog you know, they always love you!

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