Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I met a friend for coffee this morning and was served by a woman wearing a unique name tag. In addition to her name, her company has employees share their passion on their tag “my passion is…”  Her’s read “keeping my head above water.” I asked her how she’s doing with that and she replied, “some days are better than others.”  I wanted to say something impactful that might help but the words didn’t come out.   Having just experienced the impact of our words through my volunteering with Focus Seminars one would have thought the right ones would be on the tip of my tongue.  I replied sincerely,  “Good luck with that.”  I’m thinking of her right now wondering how she is coping and wishing I would have been more courageous.

When in the right setting with people who I know accept and love me, it’s easier to share and be authentic.  I am less fearful of their judgements and how they will respond.  When I step out of that setting, it can be a stretch for me to be vulnerable.  Yet when I do, I know the impact can be life saving because people have told me so.  It’s when we’re real, authentic and courageous (aka vulnerable) that we make a difference, a lasting difference in the lives of others and in ours too. In Elton John’s song Someone Saved My Life Tonight he sings the beautifully crafted lyric, “sweet freedom whispered in my ear.”  My coffee shop experience today reminds me that I must have the courage to share and reveal myself in ways that whisper freedom so that maybe, just maybe, someone in need will say someone saved my life tonight.  

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