Got Stress – Not Today Thank You!

It’s easy to get stressed … the economy, gas and food prices, America at War, Blue States- Red States, rising national debt… talking heads on TV telling us every day how bad we have it. I say – don’t buy it for one minute.  Sure everybody has problems – people, families, companies, cities, states and nations.  But we also have it good – real good.

In the library recently I was really cold. The maintenance man walked by and I asked about adjusting the temp. ” It’s a thermostat problem”, he said.  “If I turn it up just a bit, get’s too hot.  Turn it down and it gets too cold.”  I replied, “no problem, I’ll just think about the folks who don’t have AC.”  It was 95 degrees that day and forecast for 90’s all week.  Summer in KS.

Stress and anxiety result from regretting the past, worrying about the future or not being satisfied with the present.  Managing, reducing and yes even eliminating stress comes down to accepting the past, making the most of the present and trusting that the future will be just fine.

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